Silver Laced Polish Rooster

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Our backyard chickens

Black cochin, black frizzle cochin rooster,two armericana's, silver crested polish, rhode island red, dominecker, silver laced wyandotte, white silkie, mallard duck, .

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10 Strikingly Odd Backyard Chickens

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Chickens are just great to have in a farm or backyard. Some chicken breeds are picked for their tender meat, while others are chosen for their great egg-laying traits. A number of breeds are excellent in both of those fields. But how about selecting chickens that are weird-looking. So, if you go for the weird-looking ones, then here's a list of 10 strikingly odd backyard chicken. photo link. The Silkie is a breed of chicken named for its unusual fluffy plumage. Some breeders often called this chicken a "walking cotton ball". The breed traces its origin in ancient China. The breed features some odd qualities such as blue earlobes, black skin and bones, and five toes on each foot, whereas most chickens only have four. Silkies are such cute chickens, since you can hardly see its eyes, and only a glimpse of its beak is visible. They are relatively small chickens, with the males weighing only 1. 8 kg (4 lbs) pounds, and females weighing 1. 36 kg (3 lbs). These strikingly odd chickens are often kept as ornamental fowl and are considered an ideal pet by backyard keepers. Silkies appear in two distinct varieties: Bearded and Non-bearded. The breed is thought to have originated in Asia. The Frizzle developed from a mutation which makes the chicken’s feathers curl upwards curve outward instead of the normal look where feathers are straight and going downward. Some chicken breeders consider the Frizzle a totally unique breed. photo link. The Araucana or South American Rumpless is a breed of chicken originating in Chile. A rare chicken breed, partly due to being difficult to breed because a high percentage of the chicks die in their shells. The Araucana breed is characterized by the feather tufts around the ears, absence of tail or rump, and the breed is known for laying blue eggs. The Onagadori known for its striking long tail, is a breed of chicken which traces its roots in Japan. These chickens can achieve tail lengths from 3. 65 - 8. 2 m (12 - 27 ft). Under good housing and special care, these feathers never molt, thus can continue to grow through the life of the rooster. If you’re looking for an easy-maintenance chicken, then this breed isn't for you. The Laced Polish. photo link. The Laced Polish is a unique breed of chicken characterized by its V-shaped comb and its huge bouffant crest of feathers, which virtually covers the whole of the bird's head. It is the most popular of the crested breeds. Polish chickens come with or without beards on their faces. The most popular are the White Crested variants: these come in black, blue and cuckoo. Originally, these funny looking chickens were bred and kept as egg laying chickens, but today the breed is primarily bred for ornamental value. photo link. The La Flèche is a rare breed of chicken whose roots originates from France. The breed's main distinguishing feature is its unusual V-shaped comb that looks like horns. Thus, this strikingly odd chicken is also called the Devil Bird. The breed was once famous for its fine meat. A medium-sized chicken with black plumage, white earlobes. photo link. The Naked Neck , also called the Turken, is a peculiar breed of chicken that is characterized by its 'featherless' neck and vent. The breed originates from Hungary but was largely developed in Germany. This breed has approximately half the feathers of other chickens, making it resistant to hot weather and easier to pluck. Despite its highly odd appearance, the Naked Neck breed is not considered as an exhibition bird, but as a dual-purpose chicken. They are good layers of brown eggs, and are good for meat production. The Naked Neck can be found in several different color variants including black, white, buff, blue, red and cuckoo. photo link. The Sultan is a breed of chicken originating in.

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Polish Chicken - Cackle Hatchery
The Silver Laced Polish chicken is the most striking in appearance of the "Poland Fowls". Their plumage is silvery white, each feather laced with lustrous black.

Are my Silver Laced Polish hens or roosters?
These are my first two Polish and they are sooooo funny, I just love them. However, I would like to give them appropriate names. They are 10 weeks old. Can someone...

Polish chicken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Polish or Poland is a European breed of chicken known for its crest of feathers. The oldest accounts of these birds come from the Netherlands ; their exact ...


Vintage "Silver Laced Polish Chicken" Postcard


Vintage "Silver Laced Polish Chicken" Postcard

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Polish Crested Rooster Water Bottle


A photograph of a silver laced Polish Crested rooster.

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Our handsome bearded Silver Laced rooster. First rooster in our flock.

Our handsome bearded Silver Laced rooster. First rooster in our flock.
Image by

Chicken, Silver Laced Polish rooster.

Chicken, Silver Laced Polish rooster.
Image by

Silver Laced Polish Rooster

Silver Laced Polish Rooster
Image by

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4-H Guide to Raising Chickens
4-H Guide to Raising Chickens
Published by Voyageur Press 2010
ISBN 9781616732219,1616732210
176 pages

Raising chickens teaches more than animal husbandry. It’s a hands-on chance to learn the character- and community-building principles and practices that 4-H is all about. And, of course, it’s fun. This easy-to-follow, illustrated guide introduces beginners to the basics of how to raise chickens. Whether you’re a 4-H’r, a first-time poultry owner, or a future egg farmer, The 4-H Guide to Raising Chickens provides step-by-step instructions for your project. From selecting a breed to caring for chicks, from housing and fencing to feeding and preventing or treating illness, the guide presents simple, straightforward information about chickens of all kinds, raised for pets, eggs, or meat. It also includes a glossary and list of resources.

Transactions of the Hingham Agricultural and Horticultural Society
Transactions of the Hingham Agricultural and Horticultural Society

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Roosters sound off in crowing contest at San Juan County Fair
08/16/14, via San Juan Health Parters General Surgery

Now, the family has 29 hens at their Farmington home. Six of the hens are silver lace hens, which lay light brown eggs with speckles, Amy Conley said. Also on Saturday, Mason Lisster's Polish rooster, Plucker, crowed a total of six times. "I like how they ...

Odd chicken takes the win
07/31/13, via WEST LIBERTY INDEX

FFA member Hunter Britton, 15, of Muscatine, has always been interested in helping raise chickens. When he was told he could finally pick out some of his own to raise from the hatchery he chose two unusual birds - Silver Lace Polish chickens. He said he ...

Spa day
Spa day

Just another day at the Chikkin Resort and Spa.

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Silver Polish Bantam rooster
Silver Polish Bantam rooster

Photo by jety

The boys
The boys

Photo by jety