Rabbit Hutch Cabinet

PLAYMOBIL Farm Animal Bunny Rabbit Cage Hutch House Cabinet Coop Pet F-302

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Hello! Welcome to my ebay store! I will be listing thousands and thousands of PLAYMOBIL pieces! I have sets, individual pieces, people, animals, accessories, replacement parts and SOOOO much more! It will take me several months to get everything listed, so if you are looking for something in particular...just ask, or keep checking back. 

This particular listing is for:
                                                           Rabbit Hutch w/ Rabbits & Jugs

I am not an expert on PLAYMOBIL.  This was not my collection. I do not know set numbers or what is considered a "complete set."  I also do not know specific names or from what "set" some of these pieces came from....so I may advertise it as what I think it is...but it could actually be something else. It is up to you to decide from the picture if it is the piece you need.  If you are not sure, please don't bid...as all sales are final.

SIZES...all of these pieces are small and accommodate PLAYMOBIL people.  They can also be used in a dollhouse.  Some of the pieces can be very small...as they are proportionate to the PLAYMOBIL people.

All of these pieces (unless otherwise stated) are used.  They may have minor scratches, fading, etc, or may be missing a piece or two. Please refer to pictures for conditions and what comes with the listing.

Most of the groupings were put together because they looked cute together, and not necessarily because they belong together.  I hope you liked the way they were put together.  I tried to make it fun and make everything coordinated.

Due to the large amount of items I will be listing, please do not ask me to separate listings or re-arrange them.  I also cannot answer any questions about the pieces (because there are so many) however, I will try to describe them the best I can.  Please refer to photos. I am a full time caretaker of a family member fighting a terminal disease, so my time is valuable.  I do this to make a bit of extra money for my family.

I'm trying my best to give you a great variety of items and the opportunity to purchase replacement parts for pieces you have that are either damaged or missing.  THE NUMBERS SHOWN IN PHOTOS ARE FOR MY REFERENCE and are for identification purposes only. It helps me find the item quickly as well as give you a reference number on my listings that offer a variety of different items.

Thank you for stopping by.  I will do my best to combine shipping to help you save money.  If you are purchasing more than one item from me, make the purchases BUT DO NOT PAY until you receive an invoice from me.  I will adjust the shipping price in the invoice.  Please shoot me a message if you plan on taking more than a few hours to purchase multiple items, so that I know to wait to send the invoice out. .  Either way, items must be paid in full within 3 days.  I WILL NOT WAIT MORE THAN 3 DAYS FOR PAYMENT, so do not bid/buy it now unless you are ready to pay.  Thanks!

Please check back often, as it will take me several months to get everything listed. 

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