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Miracle Desk Portable Golden Beach

Miracle Desk Portable Golden Beach -

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The Original Exclusive Stand UP Desk from This is the one that started it all for us and has helped so many people feel and work better. Unique Patented Design (US Patent #USD711171S) Details: Wood Grained Golden Beach Finish (also available in Red Cocoa, Black, Light Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut and with a Faux Marble Top) Portable and Lightweight, this unit sits on TOP of your existing "sit-down" desk. Footprint of the desk base is 25" x 12" (Desk top is 36" x 15.5") Regular Speedy Stand is 12" High, Designed for most people 5'3" to 5'11" The Original Patented Stand Up Desk - (US Patent #USD711171S) Weight Capacity 14 lbs. Converts your current sit-down desk into a standing desk inseconds! Weight: 19 lbs Top and base boards are a full 3/4" thick Turbocharge your work day.(without pills or hypnosis!) Are you frustrated that you didn't accomplish all you expected to today? (The reason may surprise you, and it's not your fault.) Do your bottom, legs or back get sore from sitting at your desk all day? Don't ignore these pains! These are signs of poor posture and circulation that can sap your energy and leave you with serious long term health issues. The solution is obvious: don't sit for prolonged periods of time. But how do you avoid sitting when you are at your desk all day? What if there was a way to stand up while using your own desk at home or work? Why use a Standing Desk? Improved circulation - standing up, even for only part of the day, gets your blood flowing better. You can avoid circulation and urinary problems that plague people who sit all day Increased energy - When you stand, your blood flows freely and your muscles and brain get more blood, and more oxygen. So naturally you feel better for longer. Instead of that mid afternoon slump, standing for even part of your workday will give you a burst of energy to power through that slump. Increased productivity - When your veins and arteries are pinched like a garden hose, is it

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