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Thermo Tiki Premium Floor Standing Propane Outdoor Patio Heater w/ Cover - Black Finish

This professional-grade outdoor patio heater is expertly crafted from premium materials and styled to compliment any exterior dcor. Measuring just over 7 feet in height, it features durable, commercial-quality components and a premium black finish that is rust, fade and corrosion-resistant for lasting durability, even in the most extreme climates. With wheels for portability, this multi-purpose heater is ideal for use on your patio or pool deck, at a restaurant, or for a party, wedding, or any outdoor event (patio heaters are not for use indoors, near combustible materials, or in partially enclosed outdoor areas such as tents). This unit utilizes an ultra-efficient, stainless steel, infrared heating element to produce a true rated output of 41,000 BTU (other brands quote 46,000-50,000 BTU for inferior heaters). It is capable of providing comfortable, radiant heat over a wide radius. Exact range depends on the ambient temperature and the level of heat desired, but heaters generally reach up to a 15-foot diameter warming zone. Single variable-heat control knob and piezo push-button ignition provide for fast and simple operation. Heats almost instantly and features an anti-tip design. All accessories required for use are provided in the box: heavy-duty LPG (propane) regulator, pre-attached flexible hose, and a premium weatherproof head and element cover for storage. Simply supply your own propane bottle and fuel (will accommodate and conceal standard propane tanks up to 20 or 30 pounds, such as those found in gas BBQ grills). Built-in safety valve will automatically shut off the fuel supply (shutting down the heater) if the unit is tilted or tipped. This heater also features a pilot light system that provides for safer startups and shutdown. Compliant with ANSI, CE and CSA standards and specifications.

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