There Can B Miracles

And Then There Were Nuns


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The national bestselling author of The Legend of Sleepy Harlow returns to South Bass Island, where the League of Literary Ladies has to find out who?s killing off nuns.B and B owner Bea Cartwright has taken on the responsibility of taking meals to ten visiting nuns, who are on retreat at the Water?s Edge Center for Spirit and Renewal on picturesque South Bass Island on Lake Erie. But the peace of the retreat is shattered when one of the nuns is found at the water?s edge?murdered. And when a second nun is killed, Bea and the other members of the League of Literary Ladies?Chandra, Kate, and Luella?start to wonder about eerie parallels with the Agatha Christie mystery classic, And Then There Were None. Since Bea has the trust of the sisters, the local chief of police asks her and the other Literary Ladies to interview each of them. Expecting a confession may be asking for a miracle, but Bea hopes she can at least find the killer before another nun gets crossed off the guest list.

All the World's a Stage

All the World's a Stage

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Antoine was scarcely aware of the fading light and wintry stillness as he envisioned sagging stalls replaced by a stage, a balcony where the drooping loft now stood, and carpeted floors with rows of seats in place of the packed dirt floor. This is it, he thought. Antoine would make his dream a reality. Independent filmmaker Antoine Bouvier seems to have everything he ever wanted. With unforgettable performances by Rancid Mudd, Miracle B. Hinds, 'Joe, and the beautiful and bountiful Cameron D'Angelo, Antoine creates an underground cinematic sensation. Who could deny the genius behind a film about bowel movements set against a backdrop of Republican notables? Certainly not Antoine! But fame is a greedy mistress, and Antoine must now answer filmmaking's age-old question: now that you've made a movie about crap, where do you go from here? For Antoine, there is only one answer: live theater. Can he pull it off and bring his vision to the stage?