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Can I Ingest Too Much Fruit Sugar? | Raw Food Diet

Watch more How to Follow a Raw Food Diet videos: http://www. com/videos/508581-How-to-Slim-Down-Raw-Food-Diet Learn whether ingesting too.

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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

of 20 teaspoons each day! There are differences between natural sugars found in healthy foods like fruit and dairy and the added sugars found in soda and other low-nutrient foods (insert link below). Granola Bars: These popular snacks can be

Time for an Adult Diet...

Source: Having it All (or at least trying...)

In high school and college, I could eat whatever I wanted and I never seemed to gain weight. Now I know I was pretty active in those days, but still, one time I ate almost a whole large pizza on my own. But with a decent workout routine, I could keep the weight off pretty easily. Not only is finding time to workout hard, but it still doesn't keep the weight off. Couple that with the leftover weight from Brandon's pregnancy, and I came to the sad realization: it's time to improve my diet. (Michael always reminds me that research shows if you want to lose weight, diet is the biggest factor). "Healthy easy recipes", "healthy easy snacks", "healthy quick lunch" were the theme of what I was looking for. Breakfast and Morning Snack. Breakfast was difficult - I don't like yogurt or granola, which are the two top choices for healthy breakfasts. I also don't have the time (i. e. energy) with two kids to make eggs or some of the fancy breakfast wraps I've seen. So I laid out what I can / will eat that is relatively healthy. Now for my mid-morning snack routine. I am constantly hungry, so I eat tons of small snacks instead of three big meals. One thing I wanted to try was the whole "smoothie as a snack" idea. So I Pinned a bunch of ideas of good weight loss smoothies. While I tried a bunch, I found one consistent recipe that works for me just fine:. 1/2 cup spinach 1 cup berry blend (I buy the big berry blend packs at Costco or Target) 1/2 banana chopped up 1 cup water (Veggies and berries go in a bag in the freezer. I buy the supplies when I'm at the store, and make as many freezer packs as I can for the week on Sunday. Making the freezer packs was actually much easier and quicker than I thought, and I can definitely see myself doing this every Sunday. Frozen fruit makes the process easy and quick (just measure in a measuring cup and pour into plastic bag). The most time consuming part was chopping the spinach, and even that didn't take very long (although I'm temped to try frozen spinach next time around). I'd say that I learned a few things in the process of my smoothie revolution:. When they say the bananas should be ripe, they mean it. Check how many cups of smoothie the recipe makes. I did not do this ahead of time and was surprised at how much extra I had the first morning. My recipe above is the perfect single serving recipe. Chop up fruit and bananas into much smaller pieces. My VitaMix is great, but it had quite a time with all those frozen chunks. The biggest challenge to the smoothies was finding time to blend them. The VitaMix is loud, and finding time when one kid wasn't napping (afraid of waking them up), but they were both happy and occupied was difficult. But I also think worth it. More challenging will be finding time to do this once I start working. Lunch and Afternoon Snack. I buy turkey from Whole Foods to eat a basic sandwich two or three days. Then I also get lettuce (pre-mixed box variety for ease), cut up some carrots, and grill chicken to make salad the other days. Once back to work, peanut butter sandwiches tend to be my go-to lunch. For afternoon snack, I bought a variety of healthy snacks. I highly recommend these snacks (although to eat healthy with the energy bites I'm sure you're not supposed to eat all of them in one sitting, which is what I pretty much almost did). But it gave me such a good feeling to be snacking healthy than binging on Doritos. Dinner and Desert. Dinner is where I'm really trying to cut out extra calories - specifically but cutting out carbs. Usually in our meals we have a protein, a carb, and if we're lucky a veggie. Instead, we're started having a protein and a veggie, and if necessary a carb (but only in small quantities). Thanks to having family helping me with the boys, and advanced prep on Sunday, I usually am able to make healthy, homemade dinners each night. The hard part will be desert. Being summer, my son loves eating Popsicles ("sicle-sicles" as he calls them). So it's become a habit after dinner to sit out on the back deck and all of us eat Popsicles. I know it's going to be hard to watch Sean and Michael eat.

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God's No Sugar Diet: Plus 4 Week Diet Plan
God's No Sugar Diet: Plus 4 Week Diet Plan
Published by PublishAmerica 2011
ISBN 9781413758771,1413758770
86 pages

Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar(TM) Diet
Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar(TM) Diet
Published by Hachette UK 2008
ISBN 9780446511094,0446511099
300 pages

No calorie counting. No gram counting. Cheating is allowed! It's uncomplicated. Inexpensive. A cinch to maintain. And most of all, a sensible guide to healthy eating that will help you lose weight fast and keep it off for the rest of your life. During his forty years of medical practice and in his nationally syndicated medical column, Dr. Peter Gott has been asked constantly by patients and readers for a simple, foolproof way to lose weight. In response, he developed the No Flour, No Sugar Diet, which has prompted countless success stories from his patients, thousands of letters from his readers raving about their phenomenal weight loss, and this New York Times bestselling book. While Dr. Gott's program teaches you how to eliminate flour and sugar from your diet, you won't go hungry....

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