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What I Ate to Lose 78 Pounds ♡ | My Weight Loss Food Diary!

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Long Term Success After Lap Band Surgery – Reflecting On The Years As My Birthday Approaches

Source: Sandi's Banded Living

grade after the summer was over and “working” on my school wardrobe. My mom found a seamstress to make me some skirts that would fit me properly since nothing off the rack, even in the “chubbies” fit me “just so”. That was embarrassing especially when the kids at school asked me where I got the clothes. Then I remember being 13 years old, ready to start 9 grade in the fall (I was precocious and skipped a few grades) and again worrying about what I would wear to school and where I could buy it so it would fit and I wouldn’t be uncomfortable. No, wait, all clothes were uncomfortable because Mom had begun helping me pick out undergarments that would hold in the fat and help keep it from jiggling. Then comes the year I was 15 in my memory. I had lost weight by starving myself, living on hard-boiled egg, lettuce, and Diet Coke. I weighed 132 pounds, I was going to have an awesome Sweet Sixteen Party and all was right with the world. I wore a size 8 or 10 (7 or 9 in juniors), could buy clothes off the rack, and feel good in them. That lasted until winter when the weight started piling up again. Off to college (well, off to the local 4 year college – CUNY- Brooklyn College) at barely16 ½, and not ready for all the socialization and self-imposed peer pressure that college meant. Fell in love, fell out of love, cut my waist length hair to super short just to “spite him”, all my insecurities were showing on the outside and my weight was slowly creeping up. Fell in love again, made some wonderful friends, and spent my 17. In... My parents (Mom more than Dad) were constantly harping on me to lose weight, and we all know how well that works. I choose to be with someone who accepted me, loved me and supported me just as I was, and 2 ½ weeks later we drove to Tijuana Mexico at about 10 PM and were married at about 6 AM on April 4 1968. My weight went up and down. I liked eating, lots. We both worked as many hours as possible, and were voluntarily poor college students with a young child who required day care. That left us making poor food choices and I packed on the pounds, topping 200 for the first time. I took it off and got down to 175 by following Diet Watcher’s program without attending meetings because I couldn’t afford to. It was a diet and didn’t last for long. Later it was Weight Watcher’s (without attending the meetings) and I took off 100 pounds, and put it and more back on again. The years went by. I was living in Cincinnati Ohio, and my weight was now up to around 300. I don’t know because I refused to step on a scale. Dad got sick, I was running back and forth to LA and stuffing all of those feelings. I would walk for about ½ hour every day, but with my food choices I wasn’t making any dents in my weight. Then Mom had a couple of falls in her apartment which sent her into a nursing home. After putting in 12 hour work days, we were driving back and forth 100 miles most nights. A lot of dashboard dining, and feeding the physical and emotional exhaustion high carb crap (I can’t call it food because it isn’t), and by the time we buried my Mom, and my Mother In Law I was up over 400 pounds. After a life threatening high blood pressure scare in 2004 in my doc’s office I sought out help and decided to have Lap Band Surgery. For the past 11 years I have been creating a life I NEVER dreamed possible. I work out daily. I eat nothing but delicious food. I weigh 154 pounds – and I KNOW how to stay there. I trip and fall and know that I will just get right back up again. I work daily on being the BEST ME that I can be. IT FEELS GOOD to be me. I am no longer trapped in a body that can’t move feeding my frustrations instead of feeling my emotions, acknowledging them and moving through them. I can face my own fears and work right through them. I can hike at 10,000 plus feet elevation, I can dive at 80 feet below the surface of the ocean, I can lift weights, I can do a 5k in 40 minutes, I can do yoga poses and stretch myself in ways I never knew the human body would go. I can plan trips,... I am still married to my “destiny changer”, my soul mate, and the love of my life, and after 47 years together.

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The Inside-Out Diet: 4 Weeks to Natural Weight Loss, Total Body Health, and Radiance

The Inside-Out Diet: 4 Weeks to Natural Weight Loss, Total Body Health, and Radiance


Price: $46.94

Binding: Hardcover Author: Cathy Wong Language: English Publication Date: 2007-07-01 Number of Pages: 288 Publisher: Wiley The Inside Out Diet "A Gem Of A Book, Full Of Helpful Information." -Frank Lipman, M.D, Author Of Total Renewal: 7 Key Steps To Resilience, Vitality, And Long-Term Health "I'Ve Been A Fan Of Dr. Cathy Wong For A Long Time, And If You Haven'T Discovered Her Yet, This Terrific Book Is A Great Way To Do It. The Three-Step Plan Is On The Money And The Book Is A Rich Source Of Information About Food, Detoxification, Spices, Weight Control, And General Health-A Great Addition To Your Library." -Jonny Bowden, Ph.D, C.N.S, Ivillage Weight Loss Coach, And Author Of The 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth "The Inside-Out Diet Is An Excellent Approach To Natural Weight Loss And Radiant Health In A Well-Balanced Manner." -Joshua Rosenthal, M.Sc. Ed, Founder And Director Of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition Say Good-Bye To Weight-Loss Woes With This Practical Approach To Eating From Leading Naturopathic Doctor And Nutritionist Cathy Wong. Her Easy-To-Follow Plan Helps You Achieve Productive, Safe, And Permanent Weight Loss The Enjoyable Way, With No Fasting, Strange Foods, Or Colonics Required. You Don'T Have To Permanently Give Up Coffee, Meat, Wheat, Or Dairy Foods, Either! Drawing On The Latest Nutrition And Health Research, She Shows How A Healthy, High-Functioning Liver Is The Key To Getting Slimmer. You'Ll Learn How To Be Picky About Your Proteins And Leverage The Power Of The Purple Protectors (Purple Or Red Vegetables), The Right Whites (White Or Light Green Vegetables), And Other Foods To Gently Detoxify The Body, Support Liver Function, And Drop Those Extra Pounds For Good. With Four Weeks Of Meal Plans And More Than Fifty Delicious Recipes From Successful Chef-To-The-Stars Sabra Ricci, You'Re Well On Your Way To Losing Weight And Feeling Great, Both Inside And Out!

The 10-Day Belly Slimdown: Lose Your Belly, Heal Your Gut, Enjoy a Lighter

The 10-Day Belly Slimdown: Lose Your Belly, Heal Your Gut, Enjoy a Lighter


Price: $29.59

This isn't another gimmicky diet-it's a powerful eating strategy that will take your extra pounds off quickly, safely, and permanently." - Mark Hyman, MD, Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat Fat Get Thin "The best gift you can give yourself is a slim, beautiful, healthy belly-and in this book, Dr. Kellyann, an expert I trust, tells you exactly how to get it." - Mehmet Oz, M.D. The New York Times bestselling author of Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet reveals her powerful belly-slimming plan that will help you lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days! Are you sick and tired of your belly fat? Frustrated with diets that don't take it off? Angry that you don't look the way you want to look, and can't wear the clothes you want to wear? Naturopathic physician and weight loss specialist Dr. Kellyann Petrucci has spent over 20 years showing people how to do the impossible: take off stubborn belly fat. After guiding thousands of amazing transformations over her career, Dr. Petrucci has targeted the most powerful ways to flatten your belly-deprivation not included! In The 10-Day Belly Slimdown, you will learn the #1 biggest secret to rapid belly-blasting: "mini-fasting.


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What To Eat To Lose Weight
What To Eat To Lose Weight
232 pages

The most power guide for fat loss, fat loss diet, fat loss supplements, weight loss tips, quick weight loss and what to eat to lose weight.

Eat Fat Look Thin
Eat Fat Look Thin
Published by Piccadilly Books, Ltd. 2005
ISBN 0941599620,9780941599627
288 pages

Eat delicious, full-flavoured foods and lose weight permanently with this new, all natural, no-hunger, weight-loss program. You can enjoy rich, full-fat foods and lose weight without the hassle of counting calories, weighing portions, or suffering from hunger. This book exposes many common myths and misconceptions about fats. It reveals new, cutting-edge research on the world's only natural, low-calorie fat -- a fat that not only has fewer calories than any other fat, but one which also stimulates metabolism and burns up calories. Yes, you can lose weight by eating fat, if you use the right kind. Combined with a sensible eating plan, you can shed excess weight, enjoy the foods you love, and gain better health. This revolutionary, total-wellness program is designed to keep you both slim...

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I know how to effectively lose weight & it's not even that hard but it doesn't allow me to eat ice cream & other sweets so I don't do it


RT @ootragirl: SO tired of hearing tips to lose weight seriously theres NO secret other than accountability 2yourself WHAT u eat&how much …


RT @ASmithwxy: Shame for You Not to Lose Weight - When this man do it EASY with this FREE Weight Loss Plan -> http://t.co/ixA87Cwkjy http:/…

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I was only eating something stupid like 500 calories ... I told him I knew I could lose weight, that I'd done it before. "But he just said: 'You've always been big. What do you want me to do about it?' "I was heartbroken. More than anything in the world ...

How to prevent nighttime binging
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You had a balanced breakfast and a low-kJ lunch and kept up your healthy eating habits all day long ... Related: Eight filling foods for weight loss “There's a common misconception that in order to lose weight, you have to feel deprived and hungry ...

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This Challenge is for those who want to jump-start weight ... eating choices.” Those who successfully complete the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, which has been on theNew York Times Best Seller List for 52 weeks (one year) straight, will: Lose 10 ...

Jogging around the reservoir #1
Jogging around the reservoir #1

View On Black Central Park, south end - 004 Between roughly 86th Street and 90th Street, the inner-loop roadway runs parallel to one side of the Central Park reservoir; and just to the east of the roadway is a bridle path, where you'll occasionally encounter New Yorkers determined to ride their horses ... so, when walking along the bridle path, looking east (with Fifth Avenue and the Upper East Side in the background), you frequently see scenes like this one, as joggers go hurtling past... Note: this photo was published in a Nov 24, 2008 blog titled "The Secret to Long-Term Weight Loss." It was also published in a Dec 2, 2009 blog titled "Partecipa alla prima geekrun." It was also published in a Nov 28, 2010 Weight Loss Helps blog titled "Q&A: READ: This is the new fashion statement!?" The photo was also published in a Jan 7, 2011 blog titled "Best Weight Loss Secrets – Lose Weight Happily by Eating Delicious Foods." And it was...

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2014 - Costa Rica - Doka Estate - Not ripe for Picking - yet
2014 - Costa Rica - Doka Estate - Not ripe for Picking - yet

Doka Estate Coffee has a small section growing other food bearing plants like these banana. BANANAS IN COSTA RICA: 20 Mar 2014 Fresh Plaza - Global Fresh Produce and Banana News: Jorge Arturo Sauma Aguilar, manager of CORBANA Costa Rican bananas competing in a saturated world market: Although more famous for its pineapples, Costa Rica devotes around 44,000 hectares to the cultivation of bananas; less than 1% of the country's territory. 48% of the business is in the hands of small producers and the rest in those of companies such as Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte. Costa Rica's most common bananas are the Gran Enano Valery and the famous Cavendish, "which is considered the world's best banana," says Jorge Arturo Sauma Aguilar, manager of CORBANA. The banana market is becoming increasingly saturated: "Banana production has expanded without control in recent years and this is leading to an increasingly more saturated market. Considering the market's global status, all...

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Separating fitness fact from fiction - FMWRC - US Army - 100920
Separating fitness fact from fiction - FMWRC - US Army - 100920

PHOTO CAPTION: FMWR Fitness Coordinator Dena Taylor (left) shows Capt. Timothy Mitchell, a University of Fitness graduate, the proper form when doing captain's chair leg raises. Photo by Susan Huseman, USAG Stuttgart, cleared for public release, not for commercial use, attribution requested.) www.armymwr.com Separating fitness fact from fiction Sep 20, 2010 By Susan Huseman (USAG Stuttgart) STUTTGART, Germany -- Ask 10 people how to get in shape or lose weight and you'll probably get 10 different answers, none of them completely valid. It's one of the reasons why Dena Taylor created University of Fitness, an educational program focused on health and fitness. While fitness and nutrition fads are spread by word of mouth, the Internet, DVDs and magazines, "it does not mean they are accurate," said Taylor, fitness coordinator for the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation's sports and fitness program. According to Taylor, many diets and...

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