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GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater for Intex & Bestway Above Ground and in Ground Pools...

  • Threaded ports for versatile plumbing options
  • Includes 2 hoses and stainless steel hose clamps

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Solar Water Heater for Above Ground Pool. Success!!!

Very easy to build Solar Water Heater that raised the water temperature of my pool by 17 degrees Fahrenheit (68f to 85f) in 6 days. And it's still rising.

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Eco-friendly swimming pools designed for conservation

Learn about the options and estimated costs for gas, heat pump or solar pool heaters. •Install an energy-saving pool pump and operate it efficiently. Source:http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/stay-above-water-efficient-swimming-pool. National

The US Solar Domestic Hot Water Industry Is Dissolving Itself

The solar pool-heating industry has always continued to grow since the 1970s with only small dips during economic slumps. Because people are building smaller swimming pools compared to the 1980s, solar pool heating has become even more competitive.

Homes & gardens: cool by the pool – the rise of the swimming pond

Homes & gardens: cool by the pool – the rise of the swimming pond. As wild swimming grows in popularity, natural, chlorine-free pools are finding their way into gardens. It's aerated, and acts as a solar heater, soaking up and retaining the heat

Eco-friendly swimming pools designed for conservation - Poughkeepsie Journal

Source: www.poughkeepsiejournal.com

Splashing around in a backyard swimming pool certainly is a fun way to beat summer’s heat. Yet homeowner swimming pools typically require plenty of water and power to keep them in top shape, both of which can have a negative impact on the environment. Carvin DiGiovanni, vice president of technical and standards at the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, said today’s consumers want green solutions. Of primary concern for residential swimming pool owners, DiGiovanni said, are water usage and energy conservation. “Consumers are interested in conserving energy and preventing the loss of water unnecessarily,” he said, with written standards and code addressing conservation slowly being adopted into law to ensure that energy-efficient pools, spas and hot tubs... “All chemicals used in pools must be EPA Registered Sanitizers, ensuring that no harm comes to the environment,” he said. “There are strict state and local health codes that must be adhered to. ”. Even so, some homeowners prefer a more natural approach, he said, with a niche market quickly growing for natural pools that incorporate plants in an agriculture eco system... Another potential point of concern is the construction of a pool, but DiGiovanni said, like the way construction materials for homes and public buildings are regulated by building code requirements, so, too, are the materials governed for swimming... Aside from attention to the pool itself, landscaping around it can soften a backyard swimming pool’s environmental impact. For instance, positioning the pool to capture wind current helps move surface water to collect surface particulates, increasing the efficiency of the pool skimmer and reducing the workload of the pump/motor, thereby conserving energy, DiGiovanni... Moreover, setting a pool to take advantage of the sun’s rays can help heat the surface water. John Shively, owner of JHS Services/The Pool Chemist in West Shokan, Ulster County, said many of his clients look for ways to make their swimming pools more eco-friendly, in particular, for water conservation, energy savings for mechanical... To help economize on the amount of water needed, it’s best to lessen the effects of every day evaporation, a major cause of water loss, Shively said. “Nothing helps that more than a pool cover,” he said. Both automatic and solar pool covers help prevent water loss from evaporation. Automatic pool covers operate by motor, where the covers unroll along a track from a large spool that can be hidden from sight by an aluminum cover or landscaped stones. Solar covers, which can raise the temperature of pool water by 10 degrees, have a raised bubble-wrap design and can be pulled out from a spool and folded back when not in use. In addition to helping conserve water, pool covers also work to retain heat in water that’s been warmed, which is important, Shively said. “(Pool covers) should be used with a heater because if you’re heating the pool and don’t have a cover sitting on it, it’s comparable to heating your house without a roof,” he said. As for a pool’s water heater, save fuel, energy and money by skipping a propane model for a more efficient electric heat pump, Shively said. gov , have low operating costs and work by pumping filtered water through a solar collector to heat it then return it to the pool. Shively said it’s best to choose a variable speed “smart” pump for the pool, which can be set at a slower speed for most of the day, saving energy and money. Swimming pool water typically is sanitized with chlorine or bromine solutions, both of which can be harsh if used incorrectly. Another option is a salt water generator that sanitizes water by producing chlorine from the salt. David Katz, president of Elite Landscaping in Poughkeepsie and an Association of Pool & Spa Professionals’ certified building professional, doesn’t see a high interest in swimming in eco-friendly environments, even while they’re safe for swimming.

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Solarpro XD3 Solar Dome Heater for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Solarpro XD3 Solar Dome Heater for Above-Ground Swimming Pools


Price: $259.99

If you are tired of a cold swimming pool, then this solar heater is for you. Add weeks to your swimming season & swim in a warmer pool during the season. Solar energy is magnified like the green house effect through the clear lens of the heater and captured by black coiled hoses that carry pool water. The solar heated pool water is circulated back to your pool by your own pump & filter system.

4.3'x 9.8' Above Ground In-ground Solar Panel Pool Heater Heating Water For Swimming Pools Roof

4.3'x 9.8' Above Ground In-ground Solar Panel Pool Heater Heating Water For Swimming Pools Roof


Price: $115.90

The Upgraded 4.3ft x 9.8ft (Approx.117-1/2" x 51-1/2") Outdoor Swimming Pool Solar Heating Panel uses the sun's natural energy to warm the water in your pool. This heater is great for above-ground or in-ground swimming pool. Doubles your swim season with luxuriously warm water in environment-friendly way. Notice: Only applicable for pump which power is less than 1/2HP


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Intex 3kW Above Ground Pool Heater

Intex 3kW Above Ground Pool Heater
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Swimming pool Heaters For Above Ground Pools

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Intex 3kW Pool Heater For Above Ground Pools

Intex 3kW Pool Heater For Above Ground Pools
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Swimming Pools
Swimming Pools
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With this guide on swimming pools you'll discover all you'd want to know about swimming pools,swimming pool designs,above ground swimming pool,swimming pool builders, swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool library, swimming pool construction and much more.

The Ultimate Guide to Above-Ground Pools
The Ultimate Guide to Above-Ground Pools
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ISBN 0071425144,9780071425148
347 pages

Helps you purchase, install, repair, maintain, and upgrade above-ground pools. This book includes parts and tools lists, tricks of the trade for each procedure, and a difficulty rating to help you decide if it's time to call a professional.

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New Show Reconstructs Bygone Times Square Pool Hall in Brooklyn Basement
09/09/15, via DNAinfo New York

Ames Billiard Academy, once located at 160 W. 44th St., now houses a Sephora on the ground level and studios for Good Morning America and other offices up above. The bygone pool hall closed its doors in the late sixties, according to The New York Times.

2 drown in Missouri pool; drugs, alcohol possible factors
09/08/15, via Salina Journal

PEVELY, Mo. — Authorities believe drugs and alcohol may have been contributing factors in the deaths of a man and woman found floating in an above-ground swimming pool in eastern Missouri. Login Here to Read More... Did you know? For just $0.75 you can ...

Solar Thermal Heating Makes A Perfect Complement To PV Electricity Generation
09/08/15, via Solar Industry

Solar hot water heating margins are closer to 45%. Solar pool heating leads the pack with margins above 50%. It makes profit sense to add solar heating to a package. Today, residential solar customers are powering their homes and cars with the sun ...